Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sign of the Times

This the outside logo at Linden Labs office in Battery St., SF.

Battery St. Linden Lab Re-visited

A snap of the signed board at Linden Labs office in Frisco. Dang got bit blurred but I put my tag top right corner

Swedish Blogpost

I received an email the other day from Tina, who so wanted to be at SLCC but couldn't make it. She asked me if I could write a report for her Swedish /Scandinavian readers.... and of course I did. Tina has the most impressive Second Life blog in Scandinavia, entitled "Tina's Universum".
Thanks Tina for your excellent work there!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Links, Comments etc.

One of the Saturday sessions was looking at the Future of Live Performance in SL with Colossus Linden.
The slides from the session are up although, I'm not really sure how much effort Linden will actually put into the music community in SL. Also the session was mixed reality and was happening both inworld as well as RL at SLCC. There is a solid blog post and video records of inworld sessions here

Sunday morning, Tom Hale - Linden Lab's Keynote Speaker, discussed the Second Life Roadmap which was a very interesting look into what Linden plans for the coming year in Second Life. The keynote speech was recorded and can be viewed.
After the keynote speech a few questions and concerns came up that Linden spent too many resources to improve userbility, their website, implement web 2.0 features etc. to reach a wider population and make SL easier to use for newbies instead of solving the inworld bugs most hardcore users have been frustrated by for a long time. Like group limits to 25, the lack of stability in group chat etc.

One of the most interesting pieces of information was the demo of the web prim (what I call browsable prim). In short we will soon be able to rezz a prim and texture it so we have a fully browsable screen inworld. In other words we will be able to search the web, share and participate in single documents like Google docs etc. all happening on ONE screen, real time with our friends, students etc inworld. The Sirikata platform currently developed at Stanford University has had this feature for some time now.
Anyway I went up to Tom Hale after his keynote speech to ask for specific dates, timelines when this will be available. Unfortunately, as I suspected, he wasn't able to answer other than "during 2010".

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Formerly an Elevator in the 21st century

Finally saw the real life TP and fell in love with header "Formerly ..." :P Inside the TP was a girl with a walkie talkie connected to rest of staff at Rasputin Record Store and o fcourse loud music.

Cool links and tweeet feed from SLCC

M. and P. Linden did a keynote in SL too friday... heres some of the questions afterwards

Mark Kingdoms slides for the RL keynote up

And Dusan Writer posted what he called "more impressionistic that a transcript" of keynote here

And the very cool and constantly live twitterfeed here might need to make twitter search on SLCC too since seems to be post to both slcc09 and slcc!

Linden keynote

It was absolutely fabulous to see Philip Rosedale and Mark Kingdom this morning. It was obvious they were at home and they had fun giving their presentation! Mark aka M. was much funnier than I expected. His slides were only SL pictures of places and spaces he has visited, and he used quite a lot of time in-world!

Philip talked about digitzing RL, and the little house "we" have right now in SL might be the center of virtual San Francisco or New York City in the future!

As twittered earlier, another point was the improvement we'll see in graphics and animations in times to come. Philip predicted these will be better than RL in three years!

Of note also is the fact that SL users spend more than eight times as long logged into the client than Facebook users spend online at Facebook!

A quick summary of impressions after the keynote speech was that a healthy Linden Lab will try to include social tools in SL and keep on making it easier to enter!

I am not really sure we want Facebook features and applications in SL but I guess we have to leave that up to the users. In fact, the users of SL are the major force behind Linden Lab and the reason why this virtual world will continue to increase its footprint in digital environments.